Experience the thrill of competition and join the fun!

At Trendy Lara, you will enjoy all kinds of activities and sports during the day. Showcase your skills on our tennis courts or our football and basketball fields.

Daytime Activities

For our guests who have made exercise and sports activities a lifestyle, we have individual and group sports activities.
  • Morning Gym

  • Sports Activities

  • Aerobics

  • Games

  • Table Tennis

  • Water Gym

  • Archery

  • Basketball & Football

Night Shows

Trendy Lara offers its guests an unforgettable holiday experience with night shows organized in different concepts every evening. Shows prepared by professional teams enchant guests with colorful costumes, music, and original stories, creating a fun atmosphere.
  • Dance Performances

  • Acrobatic Shows

  • Competitions

  • Live Music

  • Theme Parties

  • Animation Shows

  • Competitions

Morning Gym

Start healthy and energetic with morning gym under the guidance of professionals...

Animation Shows

Unforgettable holiday with unique animation shows and live performances...

Live Music

Live music performances create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere with the unforgettable songs of talented musicians...

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Mini Club (4-8 & 8-12 Years)

For children aged 4-12, the Mini Club service, which includes educational and entertaining activities, makes the holidays of families more comfortable and enjoyable.

The mini club, managed by expert animators, allows children to have a pleasant time in a safe environment.

Children will participate in games & daytime activities in a safe and fun environment, wear costumes, play with balloons, dance at the mini disco, and much more!

Youth Club (12-17 Years)

We have programs that will take the entertainment to the peak for our young people aged 12 – 17 who have strived for their education throughout a school year.

In summary; a holiday full of music and movement awaits them.


Little ones have a good time with educational and entertaining animation movies.


Many tournament activities where young people can spend time without getting bored and have fun...


Games are designed for young people to release their energy and have a good time with their friends.


    Our illuminated tennis courts, basketball, volleyball, and football fields are waiting for you for an active holiday.
    Sports activities

    In our game center, there is an adventurous world to be discovered for our young guests, as well as games like billiards and bowling for adults.
    Game center

    Join an activity full of exercises combined with the relaxing effect of water with water gymnastics. With this fun activity, you both work your muscles and maintain effective form by benefiting from the resistance of the water...
    Water gymnastics

    Add color to your holiday with Trendy Lara's enchanting night shows. Don't miss these special performances that will make your evenings unforgettable!
    Night shows

    In the Mini Disco prepared for our little guests, children will dance with the energy of rhythm and reach the peaks of entertainment. Collect unforgettable memories as a family at Trendy Lara.
    Mi̇ni̇ di̇sko
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Children, who add value to our lives; are of course the focus of our holidays…

With this thought; we have considered every detail for our children aged 4–12 and prepared various activities and events for them to enjoy the holiday the most, accompanied by child animators and trained supervisors.

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The outdoor play area at Trendy Lara both provides plenty of oxygen for our little guests and is a great place that increases their social interactions.

This spacious and colorful play area offers a safe environment where children can release their energy, explore, and make new friends.

The outdoor play area at Trendy Lara is a place where children can have a good time, support their physical activities, and make their holidays unforgettable.

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The children’s cinema at Trendy Lara offers a specially designed area for our little guests to have a pleasant movie experience.

In this cinema hall equipped with colorful and comfortable seats, children experience exciting moments while watching their favorite animation movies on the big screen.

Specially selected children’s films offer entertaining and instructive stories that develop children’s imaginations while also providing a fun atmosphere.