At Trendy Aspendos Beach, you can enjoy all kinds of activities and sports during the day. Showcase your skills on the tennis court or in boccia and dart tournaments. Taste the excitement of competition and join in the fun!

Daytime Activities

We offer individual and group sports activities for our guests who embrace a lifestyle intertwined with exercise and sports activities.
  • Water Gymnastics

  • Games

  • Sports Activities

  • Aerobics

  • Table Tennis

  • Boccia

  • Dart

Night Shows

Night shows at Trendy Aspendos Beach allow our guests to relax during their vacation and create unforgettable memories.

  • Dance Performances

  • Acrobatics Shows

  • Music Shows

  • Contests

  • Live Performances


Dart, one of our activities, allows our guests to spend their time in an entertaining way during the day.

Music Shows

Unforgettable holidays with unique music shows and live performances...

Live Performance

Live music performances offer a fun and pleasant atmosphere with the unforgettable songs of talented musicians.

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Mini Club (4-12 Years)

With the Mini Club service, offering educational and entertaining activities for children aged 4-12, families can make their holidays more comfortable and enjoyable. Managed by professional animators, the mini club ensures children spend enjoyable time in a safe environment. In this secure and fun environment, children will participate in games & daytime activities, wear costumes, play with balloons, dance at the mini disco, and much more!


Games are designed for youngsters to expend their energy and enjoy pleasant times with friends.

Mini Disco

At the Mini Disco, children enjoy the fun of dancing to the rhythm of the music.


A specially designed playground for our little guests...


    Our illuminated tennis courts, table tennis, beach volleyball, bocce, dart and many more are waiting for you for an active holiday. Numerous daytime activities are prepared by our animation team. You can do water gymnastics in the pool, aerobics on the grass or use our fitness center with modern equipment.

    Sports activities

    Trendy Aspendos Beach offers water parks filled with water slides and pools such as Aquapark and Mini Aquapark to provide holidaymakers with a fun vacation experience.

    Enjoy the fun in our 2 separate aquapark areas for teenagers and children.

    Aquapark & mini aquapark

    Children can enjoy various activities in our park area. In this carefully designed area, children can jump, enjoy swings and slides, and have fun on the lawns.

    Activity park

    The Mini Club at Trendy Aspendos Beach offers a world full of fun for children. Here, our little guests spend time in a safe environment with educational and fun activities. This special area filled with games, creative workshops, and fun activities makes the children's holidays unforgettable.

    Mini club

    Our Game Room offers unlimited entertainment for both adults and children. With a wide range of options from the latest technology arcade games to classic table games, exciting moments await you.

    Game room



At Trendy Aspendos Beach, a variety of activities overflowing with the energy of water are waiting for you! Start your day dynamically with revitalizing water gymnastics sessions in the morning, and in the afternoon, you can release your energy with water polo matches.

You can have fun with pool games and meet the peace and fun provided by water on your vacation. Join us to feel the dynamism of the water world!



With Night Activities, the energy of the day never ends at Trendy Aspendos Beach! Colorful Mini Disco events for our little guests, live performances and wonderful live music nights are waiting for you.

If you want to showcase your talents, Karaoke nights are just for you. Also, make every moment of your holiday unforgettable with parties organized with a different theme and magnificent shows!