You can find our practices aimed at protecting the privacy of your personal data below, as Trendy Hotels.

Trendy Hotels collects information that users share only at their own will. Trendy Hotels uses the personal information provided to it only with the consent of the users, for the purpose of offering additional services. Trendy Hotels does not share your personal data with any individual or legal entity other than our contracted service providers, suppliers assisting us in maintaining our activities, and affiliates. Our contracted service providers, suppliers, and affiliates, while subject to legal rules, are obliged to protect the confidentiality of the information we have conveyed to them.

Cookies may be used on our site to enhance your browsing experience. Trendy Hotels uses all standard security measures to prevent the loss, use for different purposes, and alteration of the information you have conveyed. Every piece of information you share online is provided with the opportunity to update and change according to your choice.

Information Collection and Use Disclosure
Trendy Hotels collects personal information only on a voluntary basis. Providing personal information is not necessary to access our site.

Trendy Hotels does not share information with any legal entity or individual other than contracted service providers. Our contracted service providers are obliged to protect the confidentiality of this information. We may share the information that our users have shared with our contracted service providers. These service providers can be advertisers, partners, sponsors, and third parties. Trendy Hotels reserves the right to share your information in relation to a possible sale and/or transfer (this information includes limited information such as address, name-surname, age, gender, email, postal code, country, and other residence information without any communication channel limit). Third parties, by sharing their information on the site at their own will, accept and approve the obligations of this privacy policy.

Trendy Hotels may use cookies to enhance your browsing experiences on the website. The cookies used do not contain any personal information and do not collect any information from your system and/or hard drive. The website recognizes you not by name or email but with the help of a special number sequence.

Trendy Hotels uses standard security hardware and software to prevent the loss, alteration, and use of information in the databases for different purposes. The transmitted information is encrypted with the help of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Trendy Hotels is not responsible for security vulnerabilities and errors that may arise within the SSL software and other security software used, and/or for any data loss or the data falling into the hands of third parties.

Links to Other Sites
Trendy Hotels has no responsibility over the links given to third parties and sites. The content of these sites has not been verified by Trendy Hotels and contracted service providers.